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"My first impression ...

was biased as it is in the jungle and the variety of creatures and plants give an instant attraction to the area.

Although I can confirm after completing the project that my first impression have stayed with me. It’s not just a scenery, the creatures or the flora, but the satisfaction of directly and indirectly helping to saves endangered turtles. I’ve learnt a lot about turtles that I didn’t know before ... it has all been a fulfilling experience." - Jake

From the moment I arrived at Finca Exotica, the beautiful views and amazing wildlife were breathtaking. It is a wonderful environment to volunteer in and the work has been really rewarding, knowing it is for a great cause. The local community is very welcoming and our hosts were brilliant. I have really enjoyed my time at the ecolodge would recommend the experience to anyone.
— Dan

"Absolutely amazing

Just to be around such passionate and knowledgeable people is so inspiring, let alone having the opportunity to work alongside them and to help the turtles has been fantastic! We received such a warm welcome and the location is so beautiful. Seeing how hard the team works to keep the beach clean has really made me think about my plastic use and lifestyle." - Edward


I’ve really enjoyed my stay at Playa Preciosa. The accommodation was great and the view/landscape is amazing. It was really exhilarating doing the night patrols looking for turtles, relocating the eggs and beating the poachers. I hope to return and am grateful for this wonderful experience!
— Cristina

"We felt at home. 

As a teacher with 14 students this was a wonderful and special place, not only for myself but for all of them. We spent our time on beach patrols — picking up litter, looking for freshly laid turtle eggs and generally enjoying the views, as well as attempting to make coconut oil and clearing the beach of logs so that the baby turtles can reach the sea safely. Phoebe was kind, fun and informative. I know the students will leave this place with a greater awareness of not only turtle conservation but of the impact on the environment that our small decisions and choices we make can have."    - Liz

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