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Phoebe, Osa Ecology

Phoebe Edge

COSTA RICA - Director, Osa Ecology

Phoebe has been integral to conservation efforts in Costa Rica as a biologist, conservationist, and educator. She has established sea turtle nesting beach monitoring programs, education programs in the local community, and managed a hatchery in response to extensive poaching by gold miners. 

Kimberly, Osa Ecology

Kimberly M. Andrews, PhD

GEORGIA - Assistant Director, Osa Ecology

Kimberly is the co-founder of Osa Ecology and has worked with wildlife for almost 20 years, specializing in reptiles in tropical and subtropical systems. With Osa Ecology, Kimberly contributes expertise in project design and implementation primarily with our croc, snake, and turtle initiatives.

Terry, Osa Ecology

Terry M. Norton, DVM


Terry earned his DVM at Tufts University and completed a residency in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine at the University of Florida. Currently, he provides veterinary care for the Jekyll Island Authority’s Georgia Sea Turtle Center (GSTC) and St. Catherines Island Foundation programs. He has been a key player in the investigation of the unusualsea turtle mortality event efforts in Costa Rica.

Pipi, Osa Ecology



Geinier has dedicated the last 14 years of his life to protecting the wildlife of his native southern Costa Rica. The collaborative efforts with MINAE are essential due to the present issue of illegal poaching of turtle eggs.

Ashleigh, Osa Ecology

Ashleigh papp

SAN FRANCISCO - Website Director, Osa Ecology

In 2010 Ashleigh lived in the Osa as a field research assistant and fell in love. Though she now spends her days working in the tech industry, she dedicates her free time to promoting & communicating the mission of Osa Ecology.

Deivis, Osa Ecology

Deivis Barquero


Deivis has been a mechanic and fisherman in the local Osa area for his entire life. His skills and knowledge are essential for the upkeep of our boat equipment, ensuring reliable and inexpensive service. More recently he has also become our resident expert drone operator. 

Gaby, Osa Ecology

Gabriela Naranjo


A resident of the Osa Peninsula for 14 years, Gaby is a co-founder of Finca Exotica Ecolodge. Through this she is able to promote the work of Osa Ecology to tourists visiting the area, providing invaluable education to those that interact with the projects and the people involved.

Adrian, Osa Ecology

Adrian Seymour, film maker


Adrian has worked with wildlife for nearly 30 years — from studying foxes in Britain and Malay civets in Indonesia, to investigative reporting in Kenya. Currently he is a wildlife film-maker, and assists NGOs with research, fundraising and promotion.

Pilar, Osa Ecology
Mike, Osa Ecology

Pilar Bernal, Biologist


Pilar promotes environmental awareness through the design and implementation of educational programs in the schools and communities of the Osa Peninsula. She also participates in science projects as a tool for biodiversity conservation and research projects for sea turtle conservation efforts.


Mike boston, Biologist


Mike has been working as a naturalist tour guide on the Osa Peninsula since 1996, and 1998 he established his own adventure tour agency. He is heavily involved in crocodilian research, and from 2004 to 2010, he and a team of specialists, conducted a population density survey of the American crocodile in the conservation area ACOSA.