Sea turtles are in danger.  

endangered sea turtle

We believe a community-based alliance is imperative to the protection of endangered sea turtles.

All too frequently nests are dug up, their eggs removed and destined to be sold as a source of income. Juvenile and adult turtles in the surrounding Golfo Dulce are threatened by motor boat injuries and ingestion of marine plastic. With sea turtle populations dwindling, we find ourselves in a pivotal position with an immediate need for action. 

Most often at night to avoid predators, adult female turtles begin their shore-bound journey, with the hope of laying their eggs safely below the sands surface. Our sea turtle nesting research efforts include night and day patrols of a local beach on the Osa Peninsula, Playa Preciosa.

Once in the water, little is known about sea turtles. With recent funding, the Osa Ecology Turtle Program has extended its reach to in-water research, focusing on feeding environments of endangered populations in the Golfo Dulce. Researchers and volunteers tag and assess the health of individuals, while paying close attention to the surrounding habitat as well.

By partnering with locals experts, who grew up around and survive on these waters, Osa Ecology aims to bridge the gap between researchers, volunteers, and the surrounding community.