Of all the gulfs in the world, two cetacean species chose to give birth in Golfo Dulce. 

The exact reason they chose the Osa for their new family's home is unknown. 

Two species of dolphins call the Osa home year round — Bottlenose and Pantropical Spotted. And this is also the only place in the world where northern and southern populations of humpback whales come to have their calves.

We have a particular interest in assessing the reproductive output and general survivability of these species, before they begin their journey to adulthood. However the Golfo Dulce itself and the species which inhabit are continually under threat — increased boat activity, offshore fishing operations, and agricultural runoff to name only a few.

Through collecting data in the open water about these beautiful creatures, we can generate information about ecosystem health and wildlife ecology. This can then be used to support government regulation and guide the community toward wise, sustainable behaviors.