The Area of Osa Conservation (ACOSA) is located on and around the Osa Peninsula and Golfo Dulce of Costa Rica, and is one of the few areas in the world where untouched rainforest habitat meets pristine beach. 

It is thought that this land was once actually an island that later fused with mainland Costa Rica, resulting in some of the world’s most interesting and never-before-seen biodiversity. Many threatened and endangered species call this region home — the scarlet macaw, humpback whale, sea turtle, and jaguar to name a few. All are threatened by habitat destruction related to human development. 

We plan to do everything possible to protect this land, and the animals that call it "Home".


Who we are

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 How we plan to do it


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The osa

Now more than ever, this special place needs our help.

Habitats and open water territories are falling into precarious positions and current legislation provides a minimal level of protection to key species.


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Get Involved Today — Download the Osa Ecology App

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When you download and use this app, the location, species, and visual data spotted throughout Costa Rica will be logged and used to propose conservation-related zoning rules for endangered or of interest species.

sHare your wildlife sightings of costa Rica!